7 Important Facts About Diabetes

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There are many things everyone should understand about diabetes because of its alarming rise. At least these ten things everyone should know about diabetes.

1. Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, in other words if anyone maintain body weight nears to ideal body weight then they have lesser chance of type 2 diabetes

2. All diabetics may not be symptomatic initially, but so many patients of diabetes their diagnosis when they were investigated for some other symptom or disease. But most patients will be symptomatic once the disease starts progressing

3. Type 1 diabetes patients require life time insulin therapy from day 1. May researches change the way type 1 diabetes is treated and looked at. But at present its only insulin and only insulin is the life saving treatment

4. Blood sugar monitoring is the best way to monitor the effect of treatment on diabetes, It also gives overall picture how patient is managing disease i.e., how much patient is able to control diabetes by ongoing treatment

5. Diabetes has no age bar; from small child to elderly anyone can have diabetes. But the cause of diabetes may vary according to age and other circumstances

6. Diabetes is a disease with multiple causes, so treatment cannot be single faceted. Treatment of diabetes is multifaceted including diet, exercise, medication and many others. So be prepared to changes in life if you are one the unfortunates to have diabetes

7. Blood sugar monitoring is the best but which is the best way to do it? At laboratory or by self testing devices? If anytime chance is given laboratory based blood sugar reading will be more accurate than sugar level reading from the self monitoring devices. It has to be balanced considering cost, affordability, availability and accessibility for individual patient

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